2013 Resolutions

Have you written your 2013 New Years Resolutions?  Are you going to, or are you just going to pass.

Whether you make a list of resolutions or goals, it helps to write them down just to get some clarity.  As I transition more to doing more and more of my business strictly online, I’ve learned a few things over the last few months of all the trainings and webinars I’ve attended, all the PDF ebooks I’ve read, and podcasts I’ve listened to — analysis paralysis gets you no where and you have to choose what you’re going to do.2013 resolutions

Learning to be a full time online marketer, there are some definite steps to take:

  • Choose a subject for my blog that day
  • Choose a product that will help me by rating it or deciding how it will help my business
  • Write the blog about the subject I’m focusing on and how I will use the product to help me
  • Proofread the blog!
  • Make sure the blog has appropriate SEO keywords
  • Add pictures of the idea and/or the product to illustrate my point or the product I’m writing about
  • Post the blog
  • Start linking – post the link to my blog on my Facebook Page, Linked In Page, etc.
  • Comment on other blogs of the same topic and include a link to my blog in my signature
  • Pin the picture of the product or idea to Pinterest, which also links back to my blog
  • Then post a couple of other items on Facebook regarding the subject and something silly or vaguely personal
  • Make a short video about your subject, link it back to your blog (making sure the blog contains the affiliate link so that if someone likes the item, you get rewarded if they buy it)
  • Do it all again tomorrow

Whether you’re focusing on becoming an affiliate marketer, blogger, or building a repertoire so you can become a subcontractor who writes for other people, having a plan, staying focused, completing all the steps, and doing them every day is the best way to be disciplined, and hopefully make a good living along the way.

thought bubbleSo what’s your plan?

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