5 Ways To Become A Millionaire Online

That’s what every guru tells you. They know how to make you a millionaire online. Their program works, just pay them and they’ll teach you how.

I’m as interested in making money online as you are and I do think some gurus can help you get there. Of course, there are some that are actually making 6+ figures a year and many who are not. But if you’re looking for a good program, here are the gurus you may want to look into:

Russell Brunson – He sells a program called “Dot Com Secrets X” that teaches you marketing online. He offers a trial program for 30 days for $1, and then charges $97 a month for as long as you subscribe. His training website is extremely complete with video training, links to tools and even gives you daily homework.

Mack Michaels – Millionaire Society is also a great marketing program. Mack is very generous in teaching you how he makes money online. He too provides you with lots of tools, scripts, sample materials, training videos and offers a trial program for $4.95.

BringTheFresh.com – This is a marketing training program offered by Kelly & Mike. They have a slightly different approach and you pay only $7 to get access to a training manual and lots of training videos.

John Chow – He is the #1 blogger online, raking in about $500,000 a year, yes half a million a year. He too offers training for, some free, some paid but well worth an investment if you’d like to learn about blogging from the guy who makes money by telling people how he makes money.

My last favorite guru is Pat Flynn. Pat offers all kinds of great tips via email and shares how he makes money with niche websites. His website is SmartPassiveIncome.com

All of these gurus have a slightly different twist on how they make money online. Regardless on which guru you listen to, they all share some things in common:
1. You’ll need to at least have a domain name and you’ll need to host it somewhere. Whether you point it at your affiliate link (with which you promote their website and get paid for anyone who buys off that link) or you market a variety of things on your own blog, expect this to cost you about $20-$25 for both to get started.
2. Many of the services they’ll suggest you subscribe to are free. Becoming an affiliate is free as is setting up a blog on Blogger or WordPress or many other platforms.
3. Some of the services they’ll suggest cost money. If you’re building a list to email marketing, the email responder programs charge a small fee. There are several good ones and your favorite guru will have their preferred program. This will run about $20 a month after an introductory period which may or may not be free.

My best suggestion is try the trial, see which program you like but don’t follow too many programs at once. You’ll get overwhelmed and not get anything done.

It is possible to become a millionaire online if you get started, keep trying and don’t expect it to happen overnight.

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