Do You Know What Your Dogs Are Eating?

I have two very hairy dogs who I love dearly. However, I just can’t cope with all the hair they spread throughout my house so when they’re inside (which they are all day during the summer), I usually confine them to their  crates.  Hopefully you don’t think that makes me a monster, but I swear, they are not distressed in the slightest.  As you can plainly see, they have extra large crates with big plushy pillow beds to lay on, toys to cuddle and goodies to chew.  They also sleep under a ceiling fan to help keep them nice and cool, since I live in the desert and its usually over 100 degrees outside in the daytime all summer long.

Did I mention I keep the TV on to keep them company.  I no longer put it on Animal Planet because they often have shows with animals in distress and I don’t want those noises to upset them.

Anyway, one thing I am particular about is what they eat and what they get for treats.  With all the recent reports of the treats coming from the far east that may contain this or that harmful chemical, I read every label on what is in their goodie and where its made.  One of their favorites (which they’re blissfully eating in this picture, totally ignoring me) is Chicken Jerky.  It is made by Nature’s Deli and contains 100% USA chicken.  One of the things I believe they love about this jerky is it is crunchy, and although I’ve never tasted it, it appears to be yummy.

If you’re looking for a great treat for your dogs, short of making them yourself, you may want to try these.  Click here if you’d like to buy treats you know are safe for a member of your family.


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