How to Annoy Your Friends On Facebook

I have a gripe to make. You probably don’t even realize you do it. I’m sure that I’m as guilty of it as anyone else — annoying friends on Facebook.  When working at home, its easy to get distracted and start sharing everything that pops up on your Facebook wall.

Do you have those friends who post 20 or 30 jokes, or political messages, or religious messages every single day?  Or if they miss a day, they make sure they post even more the next time?  I try not to share every cartoon I read, every political post I may or may not agree with, or anything else that could cause my friends to unfriend me.

Don’t get me wrong, its great to share things you think are funny or meaningful or something you have a strong opinion on.  After all, part of the reasons for being on Facebook is to participate with our friends, isn’t it?  But many people won’t say to you “STOP! You’re driving me CRAZY!”  They’ll just quietly unfriend you and then one day, you’ll realize you can’t message them because they’re not on your list anymore.

For example, there is someone I friended on Facebook because I’m interested in the product he sells.  He often posts very motivational photos, links to important articles and blogs, and gives really great information.  I’m also interested enough to read his posts when he shows what he’s doing for activities, with his family, etc.  However, I don’t share his religion nor do I share his political beliefs. This has caused me to not only stop his posts from appearing on my wall, but I decided to unfriend him.  I have another friend who also sells the same products, so I continue to follow her instead.

So when interacting with your friends on your wall on Facebook, think about how your friends and any other info you’re making public reflects on you.  After all, Facebook is supposed to be entertaining, not annoying.

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