I am So NOT Martha Stewart

Working at home has its perks. I don’t have to get up early and I don’t have to commute to work, other than wandering a few steps to my office which is down the hall from my bedroom.  I can take my coffee with me and no one cares if my hair isn’t combed (unless of course I’m doing a video for someone).

The downside is I’m the one who has to look at my dusty house, dog prints on the tile floor, and dishes in the sink.  If I were Martha Stewart, my house would always sparkle, everything would be put away before I went to bed at night or even left the room, and my cupboards would always be stocked with food that would allow me to easily whip up a gourmet meal if the spirit moved me.

Recently,  I was looking for a way to easily clean the large amount of tile floors I have.  I absolutely despise mopping, and my WetJet tends to streak the floors making them look worse than if I just left them dirty.  So I was whining to a friend of mine who shook her head at me and suggested I get a Shark Steam Pocket Mop.  It’s easy to use (a major plus) and you only have to put water in it.  It comes with 2 pads which are reversible and the head just flips over so you don’t even have to take them off to use the other side.  So I bought one.

The good is it really is easy to use.  I just pour water into the tank, select how much steam I want to come up (3 different settings) and off I go.  I do find that I still have to scrub some spots and I have to go over the area a few times.  The bad is it still sometimes seems to leave the floor a bit streaky, but I’m glad I’m only using hot water and not some chemical that I’ll have to breathe or absorb through my socks as I pad around the house.  The streakiness may be from my horribly hard water or the type of floor tile I have that isn’t shiny and is designed not to show the dirt.  But for the price, I feel I got a real good bang for my buck.

Especially for someone like me who cleans because I don’t want the health department to show up on my doorstep.  But don’t be fooled, I am definitely NOT Martha Stewart.

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