Magic Cure – Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

I needed a magic cure, and I needed it fast. My beloved female akita was exhibiting signs of a bladder infection. 2014-01-08 14.49.10

As any woman knows and I doubt there are many women, if any, over the age of 16 that haven’t experienced one, a bladder infection is just no fun. You feel like you have to urinate, but nothing comes out. Then your groin burns. OK, I admit, that’s pretty graphic, but that is exactly what it feels like and its just miserable!

So back to my female akita. For those of you don’t know, an akita is a Japanese breed of dog that has perky ears and a curled up tail. I actually have two of akitas, a boy and a girl, but mine are both American akitas which tend to be much larger.

2015-03-17 07.58.00Every morning, my dogs each receive a frozen raw chicken drumstick. Its a morning ritual they look forward to so much, they act like puppies bouncing around and then sitting patiently waiting for me to give them each one. They then take them to the other side of the yard, lay down and slowly licking and chewing on the prize until its completely gone. Not to miss a morsel, smelling and licking the ground to make sure not morsel is missed is not uncommon.

However, I noticed my girl was letharic, moping around the backyard, trying to urinate but nothing was coming out. Noticing her squatting and not being able to go, I realized there was some minor drips of blood on her fur as well. Recognizing the signs, I believed this could be a potential bladder infection, kidney stones or worse.

My girl is ten years old and the idea of her undergoing difficult and expensive medical treatment is not something to look forward to. I’m not a fan of downing antibiotics just to cure something you may nor may not have. It creates other problems down the road and may not be able to cure something you need to cure because you’ve built up a resistance to the bacteria. So off to the internet I go, researching holistic medical treatment options for a dog with a bladder infection.

I came across several articles on veterinary sites that suggested unfiltered apple cider vinegar given a few days in a row, along with an organic type of stew relieved and often cured the symptoms, if it was only a bladder infection. Of course, if it something more serious, blood work would take a few days to result in a possible diagnosis.

Armed with this knowledge, I tried putting it on her food, which she refused to eat. Frustrated, understanding this would probably help her feel better just like women drinking cranberry juice helps cleanse your system, I needed to take another tack to get the apple cider vinegar into her.

I then took my 94 pound akita outside and literally dumped 2 tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar down her throat. Of course, she didn’t like it. It made her a bit gaggy and foamy around the mouth. In fact, it took her over 30 minutes to be willing to drink a little water to help her get rid of the taste. But success, she didn’t regurgitate it all over the yard.

Then I made the organic stew that would hopefully help her eat something and be mild on her stomach. I pulled out a big pot and put in a carton of organic chicken broth, 2 frozen chicken breasts, 2 peeled sweet potatoes cut into cubes, 2 cups of brown rice and some organic frozen spinach and set it to first boil, then simmer. I happened to have these ingredients around the house, so it was easy to throw together. After about 90 minutes, it simmered down into a thick stew. I used a wooden spoon to chop up the chicken breasts, and stirred it up to make a meaty mash, letting it cool a bit.

She spent most of the day going outside to urniate with nothing coming out or laying lethargically on her bed, lightly coughing, and be unwilling to drink more water. She was also unwilling to eat, as tempted as she was by the smell. I did get her to take a tiny piece of chicken, but that was all she was willing to do.

After a long afternoon of soothing her, petting her, and cooing to her, she got up and drank some water. Success! Then, I put out more of her special stew, of course giving some to both dogs so there were no hard feelings. She ate! In fact, she ate 3 small helping of it! She also drank more water.

We had a little more of a normal evening, going outside to take care of business and she had a bit more energy.

Finally at 11pm, I couldn’t stay awake any longer. I made sure they were comfy and went to bed, not sure if my female was masking her illness to make me feel better as pets often do.

Now, the next morning, both puppies are up, tails wagging and urging me on to their morning ritual of frozen raw chicken legs. I took 2 out of the freezer, and led them to the backyard to their regular spot and hand them each their coveted piece of chicken. Each took it and ran off to their respect chosen location, licking and chewing their prize.

After enjoying their treat, they did their business, came into the house with tails wagging, drank some water and settled down. I also gave them a little of the homemade chicken stew, and watched them settle down for a morning nap.

She seems closer back to normal. But just to be sure, I’m going to continue the daily dose of apple cider vinegar and my homemade chicken stew for another 3 or 4 days until she no longer exhibits symptoms of a bladder infection.

How do you treat your pet’s illnesses?

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