Off To A Good Start


Well, its already January 5th. What have you done towards your goals this year?

I have done 2 things towards my goal of making our house more our style.  We painted the entry wall a welcoming blue. This will be the wall that greets our guests and warms our hearts with photos of our family, of course featuring our granddaughter who is soon to celebrate her first birthday.

The second thing is to paint a wall in our bedroom that will better feature artwork and make the room more soothing. This is to enusre we sleep well, and have a relaxing enjoyable rest.

I’ve also sorted through all the things we’re selling on eBay to clear out things we no longer use and will use the money to improve our home, making it a two-fold accomplishment.

OK, I know its not much, but its a start.  What have you done towards your goals this year?

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