Outlandish equals voice

I’m not interested in politics for politics sake, but I am concerned the directions politicians are trying to take this country.

The biggest concern for me is that politicians seem to believe they have to say stupid outlandish things in order to gain the attention of the media. So do they really believe the stuff they say, even when confronted about their out there statements? Or are they really just saying it so the media will pay attention to them?

When I vote for someone, I hope they share some of the values I have like social programs are important, fair taxation (if there is such a thing) should be based on a percentage and not a ton of loopholes on how much you can get out of. Humanity is important, and although we should be concerned on what is happening in the world, other countries should care as much about their own countries and not just look to us for cash which they may or may not use some of to fix their problems with hunger, employment and terrorism.

Do I really have to say something outlandish to get media attention? Maybe. I think many of these people just like being on TV and feel that if they get a lot of media attention, they’re important. Sorry folks, you’re not.

I would hope the American people have enough common sense to realize these ridiculous statements are just like a child calling “Look at me, mom, look at me!”

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