How to pick your passion for your blog

Blogging is difficult if you’re not sure what to write about. Everyone says write about your passion. But what if you don’t know what your passion is? There are several things you can try to find your passion for blogging. First, do you have any hobbies that you do all the time or want to try? Working on cars or … Read More

New Grandmother

I now have a new granddaughter, my first. I know this is not a new experience, but it’s a new experience for me. This makes me think about new beginnings. A child n being born has its entire future ahead of it. They can grow up to be pretty much whatever they choose. Of course it all helps with loving … Read More

The Next Step For Working At Home

I admit it. I’ve had “Shiny New Thing Syndrome.”  In working on my business from home, shifting from real estate (which I’m still doing part time), I’ve been looking at every new thing that comes along. I should start another blog (obviously, something I’m doing right now, but I mostly seem to do it for an outlet) I should write … Read More

Mother of The Groom – Now What?

I am the mother of the groom.  I am so excited because this has been a long time coming for me.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’ve been the mother of the groom once before, but my older son and his bride (along with a few friends) all came to Las Vegas where they were married in a an intimate … Read More

2013 Resolutions

Have you written your 2013 New Years Resolutions?  Are you going to, or are you just going to pass. Whether you make a list of resolutions or goals, it helps to write them down just to get some clarity.  As I transition more to doing more and more of my business strictly online, I’ve learned a few things over the … Read More

How to Annoy Your Friends On Facebook

I have a gripe to make. You probably don’t even realize you do it. I’m sure that I’m as guilty of it as anyone else — annoying friends on Facebook.  When working at home, its easy to get distracted and start sharing everything that pops up on your Facebook wall. Do you have those friends who post 20 or 30 … Read More

5 Ways To Become A Millionaire Online

That’s what every guru tells you. They know how to make you a millionaire online. Their program works, just pay them and they’ll teach you how. I’m as interested in making money online as you are and I do think some gurus can help you get there. Of course, there are some that are actually making 6+ figures a year … Read More

5 Ways To Stay Focused

I don’t know about you, but I often have a hard time staying focused. There are lots of things I want to do, need to do, think I should do but when it comes to actually doing them, I may start but then I lose my focus. I work at home and its so easy to get distracted, think about … Read More

The #1 Secret to Making Money Online – Really!!!

Okay, I’m sure you’ve heard this all before. I know the #1 secret to making money online. It’s trite, but believe it or not, there’s really only one secret – its developing an email list of people you can sell to. The bigger trick is how do you get the list. In the old days of marketing, we used to … Read More

Do You Know What Your Dogs Are Eating?

I have two very hairy dogs who I love dearly. However, I just can’t cope with all the hair they spread throughout my house so when they’re inside (which they are all day during the summer), I usually confine them to their  crates.  Hopefully you don’t think that makes me a monster, but I swear, they are not distressed in the slightest. … Read More