Planning 2015

New year resolutions are not my favorite. I admit that I have a hard time with follow through, just like everyone else.  So what will make this year different? I’m writing down my goals, posting them where I and everyone in my household can see them, and telling people about them so I will be accountable.

My goals include some improvements on the house we bought last spring, the typical lose weight and work out on a schedule, and most important to develop my business.

The first thing we did was paint an accent wall in our entry 20150102_094646yesterday. This will be a focal point with lots of family photos. Yes, I understand accent walls are becoming passe, but I’ve never been one to go with the trend and I desperately want more color in our lives, so I chose a rather bold blue.

The biggest goal to help me stay on track with plans for my business is 2-fold.  I will set aside a monetary incentive, say $10 a week that is a carrot and a stick. If I make my goal, I get to spend the money on a plane ticket to visit my family in Atlanta.  If I don’t make my goal, this is the painful part, I have to donate the money to a political party that I have no use for, or even worse, to a political candidate that I would never ever support.

So as I write my goals for the new year, what is on your plan of things you want to accomplish this year and what is your plan to help you stick to and accomplish your goals?

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