Replacing My Income

OK, I’ll admit it. I not new to blogging but I’m new at learning how to make a living at it. Over the past couple weeks, I’m working on doing all the things the gurus tell you to do. I got a domain name (its my name for now), I hosted it and started this wordpress blog. I’m working on a theme, but that’s harder than I thought because I want to talk about a lot of different things.

Its rather complicated but simple. Pick something you are interested and write about it. Make sure your content (that’s the words you write) is original because you get in trouble with the internet world if you copy what someone else has written. Then figure out how to monetize it or make money from it.

I have several blogs with WordPress, some free and a couple hosted. I’m seeing which ones will be the most successful. I just came across this website which promises to help me become an online blogging “Rockstar.” Now at my age, I think that’s kind of funny but if a kid in their 20’s can figure out how to make a great living not having a real job, I should be able to as well, RIGHT???

So this is the book I just bought. It’s called “How To Be A Rockstar Freelancer.” If this is something you want to do as well, click on the link to get your copy and please let me know what you think.

My next step is to build a progression on what I’m going to write about. Some of it will be about my endeavor to lose weight, my spouse’s journey to getting healthy and avoiding taking medication for his newly diagnosed Type II Diabetes, and not gaining a ton while working at home sitting in front of the computer.

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