Something For Nothing?

I will be the first to admit that you don’t get what you don’t ask for, but if the answer is no, or a reasonable counter, its something you should be honorable about.

In addition to things I do to make money online, I sell items on eBay. I have access to new and used items that may work for other people. For me its extra money, for them I tried to provide an item for a good value, pricing my item equal to or lower than anyone else’s similar item, including shipping as the determining cost. Despite that, there is always someone who is trying to get something for nothing.

I had an item listed on eBay. Its a nice item in really good condition. Its had a lot of people look at it trying to decide if they should buy.

piano stool - 7

About a week ago, I had a buyer who had asked a lot of questions, asked for additional photos and measurements. I complied, deciding the request was reasonable. The potential buyer stated they would be ready to purchase in 2 days when they go paid if I agreed to a lesser price. We agreed on the price and I waited. That day came and went and several days later, I get an email stating they’re ready to go forward but asked for ANOTHER favor… would I meet a friend of theirs who lives in the same general town as me so they didn’t have to pay shipping.

So now I’ve gone out of my way to answer lots of additional questions, take measurements, agree to take less money, and if they paid when they said, I would even go out of my way to deliver to someone else. Once the agreed to date passed, I believed my obligation to go out of my way for this person was done since they didn’t honor their agreement.

Should I be willing to jump through hoops to make this buyer happy, even though they didn’t keep their commitment? My response, good bad or indifferent was, since you didn’t act by the agreed upon date, I will still go forward if you pay the full price. They argued noting we agreed on a discount. Yes we did, but when you didn’t take action by the deadline, that deal expired.

When setting up your business, one way to create urgency is make something available for a limited time. If the buyer doesn’t act, then its no longer available to them at the discounted price. You can see this strategy all over the internet, and I believe its a good one.

Again, I have no problem with asking for something special because if you don’t ask, the answer is always NO. But if you come to an agreement for something you want and you don’t act by the time you say you will, the opportunity to get those special terms will be gone.

No, I didn’t get the sale…this time.  But there are other buyers out there. Will this lesson escape the buyer?  Maybe.

Will you use this strategy in your business?

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