The Next Step For Working At Home

I admit it. I’ve had “Shiny New Thing Syndrome.”  In working on my business from home, shifting from real estate (which I’m still doing part time), I’ve been looking at every new thing that comes along.

  • I should start another blog (obviously, something I’m doing right now, but I mostly seem to do it for an outlet)

    Shiny New Thing

  • I should write reviews for products to sell, then put links in to sell them
  • I should do videos for products to review and sell, and add links where I sell them
  • I should do an email campaign and newsletter
  • I should do niche marketing, putting up lots of niche websites to sell products
  • I should, I should, I should

OK, its time to focus.  I have read and listened to a variety of experts who are making 6 and 7 figures in their field.  You have to choose what speaks to you the most.  Personally, I’m putting together a rather comprehensive plan on focusing on products, writing reviews, making videos of my reviews, emailing people who are interested in what I’m writing reviews on, and building a fan page on Facebook for them, Building a Board on Pinterest which features the products, and see if there is anything I left out.

What products am I going to review?  I, like most people, have a variety of interests.  I love dogs, I love wine, I am the mother of the groom in a long distance wedding, I love books, I love movies.  So the biggest issue for me is focusing on which products.

I’d love to hear which way you’re building your online business.  Please share in your comments below.


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