To Cook Or Not To Cook?

Yes, that is the question at Thanksgiving.

I have two grown sons, both married and living in separate states.  Its not always convenient for them to come to see us or for us to choose who to spend the holidays with.  This is the first year that we’ll have to make this choice for Christmas as well because I also have a granddaughter who will experience her first Christmas and, of course, we want to be there to see the look on her face when presents are opened under the tree.

So with it being just the two of us, and of course our two furry children, 100 lb akitas, Awa and Hiro, we have to decide whether to cook a turkey with all the fixin’s for just us or go out to eat.  The last few years we’ve gone out not wanting to deal with the mess and all the leftovers that we never seem to finish.  But being Las Vegas, the home to hundreds of restaurants, we’ve had to pay exorbitant prices for dinner, make reservations and still had to wait an hour to be seated because that’s the way it works here, and of course, had less than stellar meals when all we hoped for was a small traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

This year, as if it wasn’t already obvious, I’ve decided to cook at turkey.  Thinking back to the better turkey’s I’ve made, this is the one I chose for this year’s endeavor.

Champagne Turkey

World’s Best Thanksgiving Turkey

It truly is one of the best turkey’s I’ve ever made and we’ve ever eaten.  It will be accompanied by mushroom stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, candied yams,cranberry sauce with whole berries, and either steamed broccoli or roasted garlic brussels sprouts (I haven’t decided). Will I save any money doing it this way?  Probably not, but we’ll have leftovers for at least a week and bits and pieces I can make into soups and such, not to mention turkey sandwiches until I can’t eat them any more.  And of course, the puppies will benefit a bit as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. When you look at the people around you with less, be grateful for what you have and truly thankful for all the wonderful people in your life.

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