What Happened to Winter?

OK, I may be gloating a bit. Living in Las Vegas comes with some perks, like great mild winters (except for that 2 day stretch where we had a frost warning that killed one of my palm trees). 1428880_Y01_13

So being outside in the backyard, watering the plants that aren’t on a drip system yet, and filling the pool, I realized its time to plan for Spring.

Last year, we bought a pool sweep called “The Pool Cleaner.”  This great tool has saved us hours and hours of work, sweeping the pool from the constant breezes that are just enough to keep small leaves, feathers and dog hair off the bottom of the pool.

To lighten our load even more, we wanted to get a handle on the garbage that floats on the top of the pool surface. This takes over an hour every day to keep the pool sparkling and inviting. To take care of that problem, we got two of the Swimming Pool Devil Dirt Leaf Skimmers. Not everyone loves these on Amazon, but I can tell you that although they don’t catch every little speck, they save us hours and hours of skimming the pool.

So we’ll be planning on putting up shade sails, and taking out the lawn in our backyard and installing pavers that we bought a cement mixer and forms to make our own. But that’s another article.

What are you going to do for your house this Spring?

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